We’re arrive in Boston, after lots of traffic on Interstate 90, but it was nice to have free internet access on the Greyhound.

We arrived quite late, so the first hotel we found we booked in, oops there goes our budget, but we did get a bath and a good nights sleep.

First thing in the morning, Bryan was up, and searching for somewhere cheaper to stay, found a YMCA just 5 minutes walk down the road, perfect, it was clean and warm. We found it was cheaper to book the room via than just turning up and paying, so we pinched their WiFi made the booking online and then checked in.

Spent the day travelling around on the Old Trolley, which takes you around Boston, and a very beautiful city it is too. It went out on the harbour, where we took a boat around the harbour and we saw the famous Boston skyline. This trip was free with our Trolley ticket, which was well worth it, such a bright sunny, blue sky day, this is what we saw looking out from the bay back towards the city of Boston.


Then we headed towards Cheers for our beers, it’s a must, well for Bryan any way, Jody did enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the nachos!

Then off for a lovely walk down what the Trolley driver called the Antique side of town, with its soft street lights, very lovely brick paved walk ways, and lovely shops, restaurants, and all manner of very quant buildings, all decorated for Christmas.



Room rating: 4/10

Location: 8/10

Staff: 8/10

Value for Money:5/10

Other comments: warm, clean and basic.

Stay again? maybe

40 Berkeley – Hostel

Room rating: 2/10

Location: 7/10

Staff: 6/10

Value for Money:6/10

Other comments: too warm, clean and extremely basic.

Stay again? yes

overall city experience: 7

City christmas decorations: 5


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  •    Wiltshire, England

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