We love Canada.

We loved ~ Our Hosts, The Dark Table, The escape Room, the Cabin. The biking and quad bikes

We didn’t like ~ Umm. Can’t think of anything

The people ~ we love the people

Food ~ Excellent – much easier to get fresh food here this time. Some restaurants like to keep their guests in the dark though!.

Transport – The Dale taxi has been very reliable!

Things which will remind us of Canada ~ lakes, black outs, 

Would we recommend it?  Yes definitely. We will be back we are sure

Vancouver Summary

Day trip to the Sunshine Coast

Hello Tail and Dennis

Once again, another destination we had been to before but this time we are just chilling and enjoying the company of our friends

Vancouver Time Zone ~ +8 hours

Currency ~ CAD Dollar $

£1 =  $2.03 – a much better exchange rate than last time we were here

Population ~ 318.9 million people

Capitol ~ Ottowa

Official languages ~ English and French

They drive on the right


cheers to ice-cream
Places we stayed and our Star Rating
Tannis & Dale’s House – top notch! 5*****


  •    Wiltshire, England

  •    Tel: +44 117 2 302030

  •    Mail:



  •    Wiltshire, England

  •    Tel: +44 117 2 302030


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