We only spent a short amount of time in Chile so it’s hard to really write a summary.

We did like it and it was good to feel like we were back in civilisation again after a month in Bolivia. However that did come at a cost and it is really expensive to stay here.

Chile didn’t WOW! us but we really want to come back here in a few years time and see more of it. We know it has a lot more to offer and we know the WOWs are out there!

Sleepy quaint, little town

Our Route

We loved ~ having wifi again

We didn’t like ~ the prices

The people ~ seemed really nice

The Food ~ food was much better here – but again so expensive! Better choices for Jody too.

The Transport ~ Just buses this trip but we did cost up an internal flight and that was very cheap

The Weather ~ very sunny and blue skies every day but again it was freezing at night time.

Miles travelled ~  we only travelled into a tiny bit of Chile ~ total 180 miles

Capital ~ Santiago
Population ~ 17.62 million.

They drive on ~ the right

Currency ~ £1 = 100,000 Chilean Pesos CLP

Language ~ Spanish

Did we feel safe? ~ Yes

Things which will remind us of Chile ~ cats & hats!

Would we recommend it?  yes we think Chile has a lot to offer if you are not on a tight budget

Places we stayed, cost per night and our Star Rating

Total number of different beds slept in ~ 1

San Pedro de Atacama ~ Eden Atacama ~ £16 /n ~ 2*


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