The first thing that strikes you about Ecuador is how green it is. Then you notice how clean it is.
And this didn’t really change anywhere we went. In places you have the soaring Andes then further on they give way to green rolling hills. You round a bend in the road and there are the soaring Andes again. Just beautiful everywhere.

If we had to compare what we have seen in South America so far, with where we have been in Asia, well South America is winning hands down for cleanliness. And we have only seen one rat and 2 cockroaches. Not bad in 3 months.

We loved ~  the colourful traditional clothes and markets, the fact that hardly anybody smokes, the colourful fabrics, the weather on the whole

We didn’t like ~ the traditional food, the thieving bastards in Otavalo

The people ~ Ecuadorean people are nice. Very nice. Except the thieving bastards in Otavalo

Food ~ On the whole – not good. You can get many different types of food here but it’s all a bad version of the real thing. Mexican doesn’t taste like Mexican, Italian is a feeble replica of the real thing. Mainly meat, meat and more meat. Oh and would you like some meat with your meat. Urgh everywhere stinks of cooked chicken! Their traditional empanadas can be ok – some have cheese in – just make sure they are fresh and not 5 days old!  Bryan enjoyed Llapingachos Fried potato-and-cheese pancakes in Quito but they put ham in them so no good for Jody. Shame she like the look of them. They have a lot of cake shops here too but there is so much food in there still at the end of the day which reappears the following day, it has to make you wonder how fresh everything is

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our route around Ecuador

our route around Ecuador

Transport ~ Buses and coaches only. The rail road was abandoned and left unmaintained years ago and now only operates certain routes for tourists. Although the news is that the government is trying to link it all up again. Buses on the whole are ok though.

Miles travelled excluding flights to Galapagos ~ Tulcan – Peru –  2,200 miles

Capital – Quito

Population – 15.75 million

They drive on ~ the right

Currency ~ US dollars
£1 = 65 cents

Language – Spanish

Did we feel safe? – Yes – completely

Things which will remind us of Ecuador ~ ladies in costume and hats

Would we recommend it?  oh yes but take plenty of money and watch your bags!

train route

train route

Places we stayed, cost per night and our Star Rating

Quito – Joan of Arc Hostal $14 1*

Quito – Hostal San Blas $26 3*

Guayaquil – Galaeria hotel  $60 4*

Alausi – HotelEuropa $22.5 2*

Cuenca – El Monasterio De Coleccion $30 4*


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