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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 16 – Friday 25th September

Well we made use of our beautiful room right up until the last moment, then it was time to collect Rosie and head off again.

On the way out of Vegas we drove passed the Elvis Wedding Chapel – but we didn’t go in! It was just another of those cheesy Vegas sights you have to see when you are here.

We spent an hour or so catching up on laundry and the man in there was a real character. When we arrived he introduced us to everyone in there as the British and went on to point out the French and the German. He told us how his father set up the first record store in Vegas and met the Beatles and Frank Sinatra

the Hoover Dam

the Hoover Dam


Was it true? Who Knows. Who cares. It was a nice story.

The Hoover Dam was next on our agenda. It’s not far out of Vegas so we headed off to the Arizona/Nevada border as it sits on the river which marks the boundary between these two states.

As we got closer it got hotter and hotter. The temperature climbed to 100 degrees – that 42 degrees in new money.

The scenery got more and more desolate with nothing but rocks and electricity towers. Then we came to a checkpoint – we had to pull over to be searched. Jody jumped out to open the doors for them and she asked the man what they were looking for. “Cookies” came the reply!

Ha Ha! so on we drove – right over the dam (isn’t there a song about that?). The traffic was restricted to 15 miles per hour over the dam so that was no good for Rosie and it was just getting hotter and hotter. There was no stopping on the dam either. So Jody jumped out again to get some photos and Bryan drove on to get Rosie to some shade on the other side.

hoover dam

hoover dam


The temperature by now had climbed to 111 degrees (46 in C). The heat was unbearable. Rosie was in real danger of bubbling over so we didn’t hang around for too long – just long enough for us to swap over so Bryan could walk along the dam and get some pics too.

Then we hit the road back towards Vegas again as our destination lay north of the city. It was good for Rosie too as she needed some air blowing through her – that was one hot place to be!

We found a Walmart to stock up on groceries – we were back in the tent now – no fancy restaurants anymore – and we headed North and onto our campsite.

Day 17 – Saturday 26th September

Our destination today is Zion National Park. Again another park and another fee saved with our annual pass.

Zion was stunning.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park


Huge great rocks started to appear on the way in and then we got warning signs that the road we wanted was closed due to a landslide. This meant we couldn’t drive into the National Park, instead Rosie had to stay parked on the street whilst we looked for a shuttle bus.

One system we really like here is that when you arrive near any National attraction, you tune into radio AM 1610 and there is a recorded message telling you all about it. This is how we learned of the land slide and about the shuttle bus. Clever eh?

The free shuttle took us to the entrance of the national park, then there was another free shuttle which takes you all through the park, which we duly jumped on!

The ride was beautiful. Again the park was different in some obvious ways to the other parks we had been to so there is actually a subtle difference in our photos believe it or not.

The bus only did a 6 mile loop so we walked the last mile back to stretch out our time here a little further, Then it was a short stop on the way out for some Bumbleberry pie – we had seen the signs for it on the way in and Bryan hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it the whole time we were in the park

our stunning campsite

our stunning campsite


Well it was yummy – a lot like the Huckleberry pie we had in Montana.

Then on the move again as we had a lot of ground to make up because of the diversion around the I9 to get to our campsite.

It was a stunning location – right on the side of the mountain. Another great little campsite and this one had toilets too! The views were to die for and stretched for miles. Just beautiful. Very rocky and only cactus growing but it was beautiful.


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