Iguazu Falls at last


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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today was supposed to be cloudy and rainy so at first we planned to have today as a work day.

Then at 11:00am we looked out of the window and saw brilliant sunshine and blue sky.

Typical. So we dropped everything and dashed to the bus station which wasn’t too far from where we were staying. There is a regular bus that goes to Iguazu Falls every 20 minutes or so, making it a very easy journey for us. All bus trips, regardless of your destination cost the same price here – R$3.40. At the time this was approximately 64p but since Brexit that’s more like 80p now.

It cost us about a tenner each to get into the Brasilian side of the National Park and then we had to get another bus once inside the park to the area where you can view the falls.
lots of Billy Bumblers
When we arrived the first thing you notice is all the cute little Billy Bumblers everywhere. Anyone who has read Stephen King’s – The Dark Tower series will know what we mean by billy bumblers. Little Oi’s everywhere with their gold rimmed eyes. These ones didn’t talk though.

In fact you were encouraged to ignore them completely as they have very sharp teeth and are like the Gibraltar monkeys when it comes to stealing food from you. The park certainly has a job to convince people though as they are so cute it was so hard to resist the temptation to feed them or pet them. The latter was definitely not a good idea.

So we walked on past them and down to the steep footpath that would allow us to view the falls.
Brasilian Iguazu mainly looks over at Argentinian Iguazu and you get the very pretty scene of all the falls tumbling down on the other side. What struck us is just how long they are in the sense that they go on a long way down all sides of the river bank on the Argentinian side.

Bryan had been here before (we try not to talk about that) but this was Jody’s first time here. She had anticipated that it would be much more dramatic and was surprised that you only got that sense of how big they are when you get right to the end where the falls curved around. Here there was a platform which had been built for you to walk out above the falls. You got soaking wet at this point but you really got a sense of how magnificent they were from here.
So much water tumbling over them too – where does it all come from? and where does it all go – surely sea levels are rising by the minute with all this water going that way.

Well we are sure someone knows the answer to these questions but for now we were happy to just gaze at them and get wet from all the spray thrown up in the air.

This was a nice visit and very pretty but didn’t really deliver any sense of drama or of the immense power of the water. Maybe that will come tomorrow when we visit the other side – in Argentina.

Would it be any different? We will have to wait and see


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