What was different this time ~ We didn’t have the wow factor of being in this amazing country. We did most of the spectacular things last time like Taj Mahal, Rajasthan etc so this time was the not so glamorous places.

We loved ~ Amritsar and the boarder crossing show. Just brilliant.

We didn’t like ~ still the dirt and filth. There seem to be huge efforts by the government underway to try and clean the country up and we really really hope this new Prime Minister is successful in his efforts. He seems to be leading by example and on Gandhi’s birthday (Oct 2nd) it is normally a public holiday but instead he made all government workers spend the day sweeping the streets and cleaning up. Good on him! 
They have cleaned up the trains a bit too so showing promise.

The people ~ we have seen a real difference this time having been to both the north and south of this huge country. The people of the north tend to be warmer, friendlier and more approachable. We think this is just because they are a bit more western aware and are used to tourists more. We also think its just a cultural thing and not that the southern people are rude – just less exposed to whiteys and our ways -Tamil Nadu especially. Kerala was different again and they see many western tourists here but still a little more reserved than the northern people

Food ~ Excellent for vegetarians. Again we saw a real difference in the north and the south. Although in the south we did find food to enjoy and some individual meals were really lovely, again overall our vote for the best food goes to north India.

Transport – we saw some improved facilities since our last visit. The railways especially seem to be cleaning up their act and there are large campaigns to improve toilet facilities especially for women. We took a plane or two this time too with in-digo and their planes were brand new so very clean. Buses too – there were more options for bus transport, nice clean A/C ones too

Things which remind us of India ~ the head wobble, tuk tuks, dosa, chai, dirty trains, gold jewellery, jasmine flowers, rosebuds, incense sticks,

Would we recommend it?  Yes we would still come back again, and again, and again 🙂

Back through Chandigarh


Rajasthan Road Trip

Quick summary
Currency ~ Indian Rupees (RS)
£1 = 100 rupees

Population ~ 1.2 billion!

Capital City ~ New Delhi

Our Budget ~ rooms: £7.50 each a night, not counting the nice room we need occasionally for a shower and a good nights sleep

~ food: £5 each per day,
They drive on the left – most of the time…!

Places we stayed and our Star Rating
Palm Leaves Guesthouse – Trivandum **

Orion Holidays – Fort Cochin **** very nice for the price

British Country Guesthouse – Munnar *
Cosy Regency Guesthouse – Alleppey ***
Sun Birds House boat – Alleppey ****
Sree Devi – Madurai – -*
Rathna Residency – Trichy ****
Hotel Royal Garden – Mumbai ***
Sayaji Hotel – Indore ***************
Hotel Shelton – New Delhi ****
Hong Kong Hotel – Amritsar ****
Hotel City Heart – Chandigarh **
Annex Hotel – Dharamshala
White Hotel – Shimla **
Hari Piorko – Delhi **** really nice room with fish tank

India Route

India Route!

Jameson Hotel – Kolkata ***********
Galaxy Hotel – Kolkata **
Tango Waves – Port Blair **
Tango Beach – Neil Island **
ElDorado – Havelock *
Emerald Gecko – Havelock Island ****


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