Last day in the USA

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Today was just full of all those things that have to be done regardless of the recent events; laundry, packing, tidying the room, putting the rubbish out, posting letters and disposing of all the kit we had bought for the swim.

We donated the feeding bottles to a church that helps the homeless but when it came to the energy gels, energy drinks and recovery foods, we had a harder time than we thought.

We had driven around to several gyms to try and donate those but they were all the wrong sort of gym – for boxers or weight lifters – not the competitive runner/swimmer/cyclist types that would actually use them. At one stage we nearly drove to catch a couple of cyclists up to ask them if they wanted it but realised they wouldn’t be able to carry it all.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach


We took a lovely walk along Venice Beach, ate icecream, people watched, took photos, walked some more, people watched some more.

All in all just a lovely afternoon.

We stopped to watch the skateboarders for a little while, especially a little kid of about 4 years old who was with his dad. This kid had no fear and wanted to tackle the big ramps but wisely, his dad kept him at the smaller ones. You could tell he loved it though and was ‘high-fiveing’ the grown up boarders, he was hilarious!

Then Bryan had the brainwave to give all the energy gels to the life guards on Venice Beach. They gratefully accepted them and we were on our way several kilos lighter!

Once again we had to make tracks which was a shame as we were having such a nice relaxing time. We headed home and packed our bags in the car. We stopped to say goodbye to Karen but unfortunately she was out. Bye bye Karen, thank you for your wonderful hospitality and keep in touch.

We had our last few momemts with Josh as he walked Tarvey on the beach. The beach here really is beautiful with very soft white sand – we really should have made more use of it whilst we were here.

at home with Josh & Tarvey

at home with Josh & Tarvey


Josh walked us to our car and guess what? We had a parking ticket. It was timed just 15 minutes before Grrr!! What a bugger. 3 whole months here and in our last 15 minutes we get a parking ticket – for parking the wrong way round in a dead end. How messed up is that?? Oh Well, no time to dispute it now either.

We waved cheerio to Josh & Tarvey as we made our way to the second hand car dealer Bryan had agreed to sell Rosie to. His name was Mike and he was a massive classic car enthusiast with several ageing collectors heaps in part of his lot.

He had agreed with Bryan to drive us to the airport in Rosie after we had delivered her to him and he was as good as his word.

On the way we struck up quite a conversation about TR3s because he had posters of them all over his office wall. 20 years or more ago, Jody had nearly bought one as she loved those cars too. It turned out he had several and they were worth quite a bit of money now.

waiting for a flight

waiting for a flight


As we parted company at LAX terminal 3, he invited us to come and drive his TR3 next time were were in LA.

Promising we would look him up if we ever return (i’m sure we will now) we said goodbye to Mike and to Rosie.

And to LA of course. But not to the USA quite just yet. Our first flight was to Fort Lauderdale in Florida where we would wait 5 hours before hopping on another plane to Colombia.

We are very excited and can’t wait to see Cartagena.


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