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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 20 – Tuesday 29th September
We left the Grand Canyon heading south and back to what we all recognise as civilisation. Our phones started working again and we got our internet back. Big deal!

We had picked out a campsite on the map near where London Bridge is now situated in Arizona.

The drive to get to it though was long and the scenery was quite barren. Bleak and beautiful in it’s own way and there was hardly any colour again except the beautiful blue sky which made the greyness of the landscape more stark. Or was it the other way round? did the starkness of the landscape make the sky more blue? who can tell!

We got nearer our destination but the light was fading fast

more rocks

more rocks


We still had 100 miles to go and we realised we would be putting Terry up in the dark again. The campsite was 5 miles off the road up a dirt track and we both thought here we go again!

Eventually, in pitch dark, we past the signs for London Bridge and made the decision to go for a motel. It seems that we had already spent our last night in Terry with all our camping gear  which was quite sad as we had camped in some fantastic places and had some fabulous memories now.

We rolled into Needles – right on the Arizona/California border (we had to go through one of those silly check points again) and found our motel – The Riverside. It was very clean, roomy and the bed was very comfy. And it was 9pm by now so no time to explore which was a shame as it was right next to the magnificent Colorado River.

Day 21 – Wednesday 30th September

The next day we were heading for LA.

We had been here on our last round the world trip but basically had just blown through it

route 66 again

route 66 again


We had already seen The Hollywood sign, The Walk Of Fame by the Chinese Theatre and driven through the beach areas and Beverly Hills back then.

So what for us this time?

Well this time was all about Bryan. He was swimming the Catelina Channel on the 15th/16th October so he needed to stay put for a bit, relax and get some swimming training in to prepare him for the water here and the big swim. He also wanted to meet his crew and get a proper debrief with them if he could to ensure a smoother swim than The Manhattan Island Swim had been.

So we drove on through more of that beautiful bleak but stunning scenery and most of the way a bright orange car stayed just in front of us. The photos don’t look much different in full colour as they do when we take them in black & white with just one colour depicted.

We arrived in LA around 5pm and found our motel close to the airport. Again it was very clean and comfortable and a far cry from the grotty motels you see in the American movies.

not much colour out here

not much colour out here


We were on the first floor though which was back breaking work as we had decided to completely empty Rosie and clean her out, clean all the camping gear and repack everything tidily.

Tomorrow was going to be a very sad day for us as Jody was returning to England for 2 weeks to help her mum out. But on the positive side, it gave us the opportunity to send everything we wanted to keep, back to England.

By the time Jody had packed her case with our souvenirs though, she hardly had any room for clothes but as Bryan still had Rosie, it wasn’t going to be a problem for her to leave a load of things with him.

We had our last bottle of wine together and started counting the days until she returned.

Day 22 – Thursday 1st October

We woke up sad 🙁

Not wishing to dwell on Jody’s flight later though, we drove to the beach to take some nice photos of Rosie

Mohave Desert

Mohave Desert


We had decided to try and sell her and all the camping gear to take a flight to South America instead. The Darian Gap was proving an expensive obstacle to get around and decided it would be easier and probably cheaper to fly over it.

If you don’t know what the Darien Gap is, check it out here on Wikipedia

We went for some lunch at Venice Beach which is a really nice place with a very relaxed beach vibe. Lots of bars and restaurants. But we weren’t feeling too jolly really.

Before long it was time to leave for the airport and it was time to say goodbye (i’m sure we know a song about that!) again.

Just 14 more sleeps until we would see each other again

So, what was Bryan going to get up to whilst she was gone??

Well loads of fun stuff of course. So what would he do first???


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