Deepest Darkest Peru

Peru is a country that just keeps on surprising us and always has something wonderful to offer wherever we go. Whenever we think “surely it can’t get any better than this”, it does. From place to place we have had just the most amazing time. Of course it started in the north with our wonderful two months of volunteering which we shall never forget.

Then finding the bus company Peru Hop, was certainly one of the best things that could have happened to us. It made travelling around so much easier and took the chore out of the constant planning of our next move.

Which left us with more time to enjoy ourselves!

Peru into Bolivia

Day 2 of our island tour

Day 1 of a 2 day tour to these beautiful islands

Trek to Rainbow Mountain – Day 2

Trek to Rainbow Mountain – Day 1

Off to Machu Picchu

Off to Aguas Calientes

Sacred Valley

Beautiful Cusco at last

Off to Cusco

A tour of Colca Canyon – by Jody

Trek down the Colca Canyon and up again – by Bryan

Another colonial city

Nasca Lines…!

Town, ruins and pyramids

The road to Nasca

What an amazing day in Huacachina

Peru’s Galapagos

Peru Hop – Lima to Paracas

Back on the road again!

Huanchaco month 2

The sun sets on Huanchaco

Palo Cilulo – Paint Party

Teaching Swimming

Route planning Peru

El Comedor day out

What are the other volunteers like?

Busman’s Holiday


Palo Marino Horse Show

Baking classes with the teenagers – by Jody

Why we love living in Huanchaco

Temple of the moon

Jody’s teaching English project

HELP Women Cooking Project – by Jody

Chan Chan

Bryan’s Birthday

Huanchaco month 1

Well this is nice little town

Happy New Year – or not!

Map of Peru

We loved ~  Similar to Ecuador really. The wonderful colourful traditional clothes and markets, the colourful fabrics, the fact that hardly anybody smokes here either is brilliant. But the food here was much nicer and the people on the whole were much friendlier.

We didn’t like ~ can’t think of anything. Nope. Nada. Nothing!

The people ~ Peruvian people are wonderful. Some of the loveliest people we have met anywhere in the world. They felt genuine and it was nice that the indigenous ladies were always up for a giggle.

The Food ~ We have eaten pretty well in Peru. The north was a bit more restricted for vegetarians but further down the country the food got better & better. The north was excellent for fresh fish eg ceviche and the south was more meat based. Alpaca & guinea pig are on the menu but not everywhere. We loved the tequeños which we know is mexican but it is everywhere in Peru too.

The Transport ~ planes, buses and coaches only. There is a railway for tourists in the Sacred Valley from Cusco to Machu Picchu but not much further. Buses on the whole are very good ~ if you take the big tourists buses. This is how we travelled from town to town every time. The local buses feel like they are held together by wishful thinking but will stop for you anywhere ~ to get on or off.

The Weather ~ on the whole it has been extremely sunny with blue skies every single day. The north was very hot day and night . In the south it was hot during the day but could get very chilly at night. We only saw occasional rain in the south. Nowhere was too humid for comfort although when we were working, Huanchaco could feel too hot.

Miles travelled ~  we have travelled the complete length of the country ~ top to bottom ~ total 2,900 miles


Capital ~ Lima

Population ~ 30.3 million wonderful people here

They drive on ~ the right

Currency ~ PEN Peruvian Nueve Soles
£1 = 5 soles (say solis)

Language ~ Spanish

Did we feel safe? ~ Yes ~ completely

Things which will remind us of Peru ~ ladies in costume and hats, tequeños, quinoa, soup, llamas & alpacas, christmas jumpers, woolly hats, ceviche, papas huacaina, dune buggies, mud bricks, reed boats

Would we recommend it?  in a heartbeat!


Places we stayed, cost per night and our Star Rating

Total number of different beds slept in ~ 20

Mancora – Posada Hostel ~ £35 /n ~ 2*
Chiclayo – Musky Hostel ~ £10 /n ~ 3*
Huanchaco #1 ~ Las Camilias hostel ~ £7 /n ~ 1* 

Huanchaco #2 ~ Lichy’s apartment  ~ £7 /n ~ 4*
Lima #1 ~ D’osma ~ £25 /n 2*

Lima #2 ~ Ana home~stay ~ £25 /n 1*
Lima #3 ~ Mila & Diego home~stay ~ £20 /n ~ 3*
Paracas ~ Hotel Residential los Frayles ~ £16 /n ~ 4*

Huacachina ~ Hotel Curasi ~ £28 /n ~ 4* nice pool
Nasca ~ Boulevard Hostel ~ £14 /n ~ 2*
Arequipa #1 ~ Tambo Viejo ~ £14 /n ~ 3*
Arequipa #2 ~ Casa Margott ~ £25 /n ~ 4*
Colca Canyon ~ Bryan ~ no name ~ £included in tour ~ 2* had a nice pool but pretty cheap otherwise
Colca Canyon ~ Jody ~ Colca Wasi Kolping Hostal ~ £included in tour ~ 1* but pretty cheap
Cusco #1 ~ Peruvian Hostel ~ £18 /n ~ 1*
Cusco #2 ~ Dragonfly Hostel ~ £19 /n ~ 2*
Cusco #3 ~ Marlon’s ~ £12 /n ~ 2* (had two different rooms here)
Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu town) ~ £included in tour ~ 1* but pretty cheap & nasty
Puno ~ Home Centre ~ £13 /n ~ 2*
Alamanti Island ~ Amanda’s Homestay ~ £included in tour ~ but in a very basic family home so it isn’t really fair to rate it


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