Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas

Flag of Argentina  , Salta Province,
Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today we took a small bus back up to the canyon we came through on the way from Salta.

We had marvelled at the rocks on the way through and today we would get to see them up close.

This was just an afternoon tour and it started with a short walk, just a couple of kilometres around a small canyon area but the canyon was very striking.

We stopped in a few other places too – about 5 altogether – each time getting off the bus for our guide (who only spoke Spanish) to take us on a short walk around. Each time the rocks were very different from the other places we stopped at. The most striking was a particular layer of rock that was multi coloured and looked like large pieces of coloured cardboard stuck together. It was beautiful!
As the afternoon wore on, it was getting chillier and chillier each time we went for a walk.

Our final stop and the highlight of the day, was The Devil’s Throat. This place was like a giant cave made from a giant ripple in the rock layers. It was very dramatic and it was very easy to appreciate the full force of nature and the pressure these rocks must have been under when they were forced up to make that ripple. Incredible!

There isn’t much more to say about this trip – again we will let the pictures do the talking for us.

  • Hannah

    Amazing colours and rock formations. Like the butterfly!


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