• Foreign & Commonwealth Office
    This you must visit first, get the real information and advice on the country you are planning to visit.
  • Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forums
    Research and discuss travel destinations, accommodation, political situations, and more.
  • Country Specific Info
    American State Department’s general overview of every country including geography, political system, transport system, standard of medical facilities, and overall safety issues as well as visa requirements (for American citizens). All nationalities will want to check their general Travel Alerts & Warnings.
  • Transitions Abroad
    A portal for people who want to work, volunteer, study or simply live and travel abroad.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    Discover the world’s most spectacular monuments, natural wonders, and points of cultural interest.
  • Craig’s List
    Great resource for finding discount apartments, used cars, temp jobs, shared rides – a must for long term travellers.
  • British Expats
    Find out how the people from our country do it abroad

Mobile Tools

  • Trip It
    All your travel plans, in one place.  Great for keeping bookings and travel arrangements all in one place. works offline.
  • XE concurrency Converter
    Stores all your conversation offline.
  • HERE Maps
    You can download the whole world offline on to your mobile device, so you can always know where you are no matter what.
  • Track
    Real time tracking for your iPhone, so you and others can see where you are.

Getting to your Destination

  • Flight Search Engine
    This is a good place to start when researching flight prices.
  • STA Travel
    Travel agency offering discounted flights and tours for students and young travellers. Can purchase tickets online.
  • Seat 61
    Excellent source of information on the rail systems of the world. Places an emphasis on rail trips from London, but its extensive information is quite useful to all. Can purchase tickets and rail passes online.
  • To and From the Airport
    Nice resource to help you when you first arrive somewhere new.

Finding Accommodation

  • Sleeping at Airports
    Are you stuck in the airport? Do you have a long layover? Would you like to save money on an airport hotel by sleeping in the airport?
  • Lonely Planet Accommodation Search
    Book anything from dormitories to budget guest houses to high-end hotels. Includes pictures, descriptions, and ratings.
  • Tablet Hotels
    Book luxury hotels worldwide. For something s little more extravagant!
  • Couch Surfing
    An organisation of people who offer travellers a free place to stay. Sometimes a couch, sometimes more.

Health and Travel Insurance

Money Matters

Region Specific Sites

Other Useful Sites

  • World Weather
    Look up the weather in destinations all over the world.
  • World Clock
    Look up current local times around the world.


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