San Francisco


another beautiful day, if a little cold. we had breakfast in the Hostel then booked our trip to LA. Bryan found an amazing deal for only £65 we have a lovely convertible car for 2 days so we can take the coast road all the way to LA. we have booked a lovely looking motel too for only £20 a night each. it just gets better and better.

we spent the day walking and walking and walking!

first to Alamo square which has the pretty victorian houses on it. we stopped to watch a humming bird there – very cute.

then onto the golden gate bridge. about 3 miles north up and down the famous San Francisco hills. took a great walk through a park where we saw a flock of green parrots and more humming birds, then down by the beach.

Bryan spotted some swimmers in the water so we went to find them. they invited us into their club and gave us a great tour, then invited us back tonight for their happy hour (see what i mean – really friendly people here)so after a quick drink in an Irish bar (its the law!) we went back and they gave us free drinks and food. what more could we ask for. so Bryan plans to get up early and go for a swim with them in the bay.

oh by the way – we had an earthquake today. or so we were told. we never noticed a thing but it was a 4.1 – apparently

as it was getting late we rode the cable car back. the driver was hilarious. there was a bunch of chinese girls who screamed every time we went down a hill (and those hills are soooo steep) it does make you wonder if they ever run away with themselves and cant stop. so we had a good laugh with them.

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Hi Hostel Downtown

Room rating: 6/10 – shared bathroom

Location: 7/10 – good but nowhere perfect as city quite spread out

Staff: 8/10

Value for Money:8/10 – breakfast included

Other comments: warm, clean and comfortable

Stay again? definitely

overall city experience: 9


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  •    Wiltshire, England

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