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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This is where this trip got kick-started from.

We went to Bulgaria to ski as it was a) cheap and b) somewhere neither of us had been before and we quite fancied the idea.

When we landed in Sofia there was no snow. Oh dear!

Neither had our hotel sent the pick-up we had booked – Double Oh Dear!

Well as seasoned travellers we made our way to the hotel under our own steam and as we climbed higher into the mountains the snow appeared. And it kept on coming and by the time we got to the hotel it was really deep – just beautiful

amazing view from the top

amazing view from the top


Our hotel was lovely – the room was a bit basic but it was clean and there was a comfy bed and plenty of hot water which is all we really need.

The Brucey bonus was the view.

We were right over-looking the main slopes and as lovely as it was in daylight, the night-time just made it so picturesque all lit up pretty.

Bryan set about booking his lessons straight away but Jody just being cautious about her back decided to wait a bit.

So our first full day there and bryan was off up the slopes whilst Jody headed to the pool. Well she lasted about an hour then got bored and decided the snow was just too tempting. She donned her new ski gear for warmth and set off to get some cold and fluffy atmosphere.

First stop – a bar for hot chocolate of course. She decided to sit outside and the staff brought her a nice cushion to sit on

view from our room

view from our room

. As she stood up to put it on her seat, RRRIIIIIIPPPPP….!!!!!

A nail in the seat made short work of her brand new salopettes! Buggers! She hadn’t even been on skis yet!

The staff were mortified and brought her hot chocolate with a rum in it and a shot of something Bulgarian to say sorry. Then the manager found out what had happened and brought her another free shot and did a great sales pitch for a baileys hot chocolate. Of course nicely warmed by the the shots, Jody opted to take one of those. And it was barely lunch time by now!

It was definitely an afternoon for snoozing.

The following day Bryan went off again to his classes. The previous evening had been full of tales about how beautiful it was at the top of the mountain and Jody really did feel like she was missing out big-time.

She went off across the slopes to organise a small lesson. Her back/leg was too painful to join a full-time group class so she enquired about a private lesson where she could go at her own pace if her leg hurt her too much and she could stop; she wouldn’t feel guilty about holding other people up then

view from our room

view from our room


They told her to be back here in 45 minutes as an instructor was available then.


She had to go and buy a lift pass, go back to the room and get all her cold weather gear on, collect her skis and boots and get back to the slopes in 45 minutes. And get to the bank to get the money out to pay for it.

Everything is pretty close together in normal circumstances but trying to do all that in 2 foot of snow and slowed down with gear – it was a challenge. But in the nick of time she got to where Georg was waiting.

Georg turned out to be a really sweet man who spoke good English and skied even better. Jody explained about her painful leg and he found appropriate slopes to go on. It’s bad enough trying to find your ski legs again after a long time off the slopes.

Well 3 days of 2 hours a day was enough for Jody and even gave her time to get to the top of the mountain on the last day and see this beautiful scenery from up there

small town

small town

. Bryan did the whole day every day as always and even got to some of the slopes further away.

Every evening we tried out a different restaurant. (We tried the one in the hotel but it was pretty rubbish) The Bulgarians have their own type of food which we didn’t find all that appealing but locally we could get just about anything we wanted – including Mexican.

New Year’s Eve finally arrived and a BIG party was planned with a special menu and live music and everything. So we dressed up and toddled off down to the restaurant. The special menu didn’t materialise – in fact there was less choice than normal and the live music was just a tad too grating so back up to the room, dressed in our cold weather clothes and off to the bars we went again.

They were much more lively and entertaining, there was a great singer on in the Mexican restaurant and we had a fab time. We just made it back to the hotel in time to watch the fireworks from our balcony. We had put some beer on the balcony to chill too so we raised a glass to welcome in 2017 and promptly fell asleep – all this fresh air and exercise doesn’t do much for your party spirit that’s for sure!

Here are a few photos from Skiing in Borovets


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