The Day After

the Big day!

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Well after the monumentous day of yesterday, has it all sunk in?

No not really!

So today we would have to do something about that.

The street we are staying on is a really great street. All the neighbours talk to each other, wave at each other as they walk past the windows and generally all seem to get along great.

The lady who lives opposite – Karen, had invited us for an impromptu breakfast in the sunny setting of her front garden. She laid on bagels, smoked salmon, cheese and fresh tomatoes and pumpkin bread. Delicious!

breakfast at Karen's house

breakfast at Karen’s house


Her neighbour Eileen also joined us and Josh being a star, brought fizz!
Wow – all before 10:30 in the morning.

Karen & Eileen wanted to hear all about the swim and the proposal that followed – every little detail which was great as it helped it sink in a bit better, having to tell the story.

We were having such a great time that we cancelled our appointment at the apple store at 12:00 and stayed on a bit longer. Well why not?

Eventually though we all had things to do and places to be and we were no exception.

First stop; Tiffany’s.

Unfortunately the ring was a little tight on Jody so we needed to get the next size up. And what a reception we got when we arrived.

The Manager brought us Perrier whilst we waited for Mary. Mary was something else!

with Mary from Tiffany's

with Mary from Tiffany’s


We felt like we had bumped into an old friend. Of course she and Bryan had met before when he went in to chose the ring in the first place. And again when he had made his choice and went back to buy it. Apparently, when Bryan bought it, he was asking her to wrap it so it was waterproof (the box that is) so he could carry it in his trunks for the whole swim.

Well that wouldn’t have worked anyway as he would have been on the beach with the ring and Jody would have been 1/2 a mile away on the boat!

Intrigued by what he was up to, she fully embraced his plan and got scheming with him. She was amazed at what he was going to do and shared her enthusiasm with everyone else in the shop, and as it escalated through the company, even the Deputy CEO of Tiffany’s in New York was in on the secret.

Mary had set aside the private room for us, brought a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for us and… get this.

gifts from Tiffany's

gifts from Tiffany’s


She had driven all the way to the lighthouse where Bryan landed, bought a card and a ceramic bottle souvenir for him, a baseball cap out of her own money, and, had alerted the head of publicity at the hotel on the cliffs above to try and get a reception committee for him.

She had also gone to the beach herself to wait for him but unfortunately had had to leave just a half hour before he arrived.

Is that going the extra mile for your customers or what!

We spent a bit more time with Mary, she wanted to see all the photos of the swim and of the proposal too of course. We finished our champagne, sorted the ring size out and left feeling decidedly more light headed than when we went in.

We don’t know if they do that for every customer but it’s definitely Tiffany’s all the way from now on 🙂

We made a quick trip to the Apple store before heading to the pier across the road on Santa Monica Boulevard and whiled away a couple of hours photographing the end of route 66 (it where it starts and finishes – depending on which way you are heading of course). We tried funnel cake too – never heard of it but it’s like doughnuts all cooked in one big squiggly lump.

funnel cake

funnel cake


It was such a lovely day to spend the day too, especially as it had been so awful yesterday for the swim. But as always, it was soon time to move as Josh had movie night planned for us.

The street had come out together again, Josh had hung a large screen across the front of his house and projected his latest choice onto it for everyone to see. The barbecue was going too we celebrated with a cup of tea!

Tonights movie was Tropic Thunder. Yes we had never heard of it either – it had Ben Stiller, Nick Nolte, Tom Cruise, Jack Black and some others in it. We could understand the humour in it but the hearty laughter coming from behind us, led us to believe we were missing something more. I suppose it was a bit “Spinal Tap” but all about actors not ageing rock stars.

A few other people we hadn’t met turned up too and then Karen whisked us away to her house for a nightcap of whisky for Jody and rum for Bryan. We love it here!

Later, back home, we finally opened our own bottle of celebratory fizz around midnight as we flopped on the sofa with Josh and Tarvey.

We had been grinning at each other all day and finally everything caught up with us – meaning several days without proper sleep – not just the exertion and excitement. We were knackered.

What a day this has been!

And thank you to everyone who in their own way, made today very special and one to remember for us 🙂


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