The Grand Canyon


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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 20 – Tuesday 29th September

We slept really well last night (probably thanks to the Sangria) but were up fairly early as we were excited about seeing the Grand Canyon. We had out breakfast but discovered someone had pinched 3 eggs out of the box during the night.


Just 3 – not all of them.

We hope they enjoyed them whomever it was. Grrr!

our friendly neighbours

our friendly neighbours


We packed up Terry Tent and all the camping gear and wandered over to our new friends. We said our cheerio’s, swapped details to make friends on facebook and wished them well for the rest of their trip. Who knows; maybe we will bump into them somewhere else. It would be nice to think we would 🙂

After only a very short drive, we spotted a lay-by next to the canyon so we stopped and gasped in awe again at the sight of it. Did we mention IT IS HUGE!

Driving on we had many glimpses of it between the trees but drove on to the main visitor centre. We had heard there were showers here and we were in desperate need.

First stop though was the restaurant. Not for a cup of tea or a bite to eat. For the wifi of course!

Jody needed to buy her plane ticket back to England and we hadn’t had any internet for a few days. The wifi here was painfully slow though and when we pressed the confirm payment button, it timed out and it took us ages to sort it out. Still, it was sorted and we got cleaned up in the showers too – 8 minutes for $2.

Wow, the colours

Wow, the colours


As with the other National Parks we had been to, The Grand Canyon has a free shuttle bus to drive you to the places where cars can’t go and it was well worth it. We spent several hours going along the top of the canyon on the bus and, as we had done at other National Parks, we got off at one particular stop and walked a mile along the top to the next stop.

No matter where we stopped to stand and stare it was breath taking. The colours of the rocks and the scale was just overwhelming.

We really can’t say much more about it as it was all about the view. So we are going to let the pictures do the talking on this one.

It is fair to say, this place will be imprinted on our memory for ever


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