Road Trip

We can honestly say we are growing to love the USA.

We loved ~ The scenery – Montana and The mountains especially. We really enjoyed our time in Columbus and Washington DC and Pittsburg the most 

We didn’t like ~ Umm. Need to think about that

The people ~ We have grown to love the Americans too. Almost without exception, everyone has been very friendly, staff everywhere have been really helpful and the American Customer Service we have come to expect has been on show. And not just when people are working either. They have been great in the street too and we won’t forget the lady who willingly gave Jody her metro pass at Wall Street so she could get through the turnstile.

Food ~ Still struggling a little bit with that as so much meat and grilled cheese everywhere. But we have to say that the choices for vegetarians and people who don’t want a pound of beef every meal have improved a lot since we were last here 5 years ago.

Transport – Rosie has been great and the Greyhound we used earlier on was good too. Although their schedule seemed to run a bit late most of the time

Miles travelled in Rosie ~ Columbus to Vancouver 4425 miles

Things which will remind us of USA ~ mountains, bears, camping, bridges

Would we recommend it?  Yes definitely. We will be back we are sure

Last day in the USA

The Day After the Big day!

Bryan’s Swim from Catalina Island

Alone in Los Angeles

USA Road Trip part 2 – our summary

Last USA road trip with Rosie – California

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Narrows Canyon, Utah/Arizona

Red Canyon & Bryce Canyon, Utah

Cedar Breaks National Park, Utah

Hoover Dam, Utah & Zion National Park

Viva Las Vegas, Nevada

USA Road Trip – Yosemite & Nevada

USA Road Trip – California & San Francisco again

USA Road Trip Washington & Oregon

USA Road Trip Part 1 – Our Summary

USA Road Trip – Idaho Washington to Canada

Another warm welcome for us

Tourists in the Capital of America

Bryan swims around Manhattan Island

San Francisco


New York

Once again, another destination we had been to before but this time we we taking the time to visit places and take things in – not just dashing through it all!

Time Zone ~ GMT +5+6+7+8 hours – 4 different time zones

Currency ~ US Dollar $

£1 =  $1.52

Population ~ 318.9 million people

Capitol ~ Washington DC

Official languages ~ The United States does not have a national official language; nevertheless,
English (specifically American English) is the primary language used

Our Budget ~ rooms: £25 a night
~ campsites £10 – £15 a night
                   ~ food: £15 per day for the two of us

They drive on the right


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  •    Wiltshire, England

  •    Tel: +44 117 2 302030


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