USA Road Trip Part 1

Our Summary

Flag of United States  , Washington
Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quick summary

Once again, another destination we had been to before but this time we we taking the time to visit places and take things in – not just dashing through it all!

Time Zone ~ GMT +5+6+7+8 hours – 4 different time zones

Currency ~ US Dollar $

£1 =  $1.52

Population ~ 318.9 million people

Capitol ~ Washington DC

Official languages ~ The United States does not have a national official language; nevertheless,
English (specifically American English) is the primary language used

Our Budget ~ rooms: £25 a night
~ campsites £10 – £15 a night
                   ~ food: £15 per day for the two of us

They drive on the right


We can honestly say we are growing to love the USA.

We loved ~ The scenery – Montana and The mountains especially. We really enjoyed our time in Columbus and Washington DC and Pittsburg the most 

We didn’t like ~ Umm. Need to think about that

The people ~ We have grown to love the Americans too. Almost without exception, everyone has been very friendly, staff everywhere have been really helpful and the American Customer Service we have come to expect has been on show. And not just when people are working either. They have been great in the street too and we won’t forget the lady who willingly gave Jody her metro pass at Wall Street so she could get through the turnstile.

Food ~ Still struggling a little bit with that as so much meat and grilled cheese everywhere. But we have to say that the choices for vegetarians and people who don’t want a pound of beef every meal have improved a lot since we were last here 5 years ago.

Transport – Rosie has been great and the Greyhound we used earlier on was good too. Although their schedule seemed to run a bit late most of the time

Miles travelled in Rosie ~ Columbus to Vancouver 4425 miles

Things which will remind us of USA ~ mountains, bears, camping, bridges

Would we recommend it?  Yes definitely. We will be back we are sure

Places we stayed and our Star Rating

Day 1 – Wabash & Erie Canal Campsite, Lafyette, Indiana  – ok. Even nicer if you have a tent or an RV – we slept in the car!. Nice grounds by the canal & average facilities $10 – 2*

Day 2 – Dunes Inn, Michigan City, Indiana. we didn’t camp –slept in the motel as it was very late and very dark when we arrived and diddnt fancy putting the tent up for the first time in the dark  $59 – 2*

Day 3 – Rock Creek Campsite, LaClair, Iowa Nice setting on the Mississippi but dreadful facilities for $14. Toilets were a hole in the ground and showers were filthy. A million mozzies and very noisy trains at night too. 1*

Day 4 – Madison County Fairground, Winterset, Iowa nice quiet campground. Good clean facilites. $11 – 3*

Day 5 – The middle of nowhere! Kansas. certainly had a wow factor as it was a lovely remote spot by a lake. It was a bit too remote for just the two of us though as we felt a bit vulnerable especially when the coyotes started howling in the middle of the night! $0 – yes free – 2*

Day 6 – KOA Campsite, Limon, Colorado nice campground. Excellent clean facilites including showers, laundry, breakfast offered and games room etc. $32.50 – 4*
Coyote Inn – next door. Actually this is where we really stayed as a massive electrical storm drove us indoors. Nice clean room and good to have a soft bed 3*

Day 7 – Rocky Mountain Park Inn, Estes Park, Colorado. Another night of storms was forecast so we checked in here. Great comfy beds which we could not complain about. Our room overlooked the indoor pool. mmm! our room smelled of chlorine! Great unlimited free wine from 4pm – 5:30 pm though made it a very worthwhile stopover if expensive $89. 3*

Day 8 – Foote Access free campsite, Saratoga, Wyoming. This was a truly beautiful spot by a small river. The vies around were beautiful too and apart from a spell of 2 hours around 8pm where the wind whipped up a bit, it was a very very quiet place to sleep too. No facilities but no other people either .$0 3*

Day 9 – Air B&B Irwin, Idaho. Great cabin room with our own bathroom. greeted by friends of the owner who were lovely. Very warm room. Good hot shower. Comfy bed and provisions for breakfast $51 4*

Day 10 Gros Venture Campsite, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Many sites were full so we ended up here. Nice campsite and more bison wandering around the site. Coyotes howling at night again $24 3*

Day 11 – Bridge Bay Campsite, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming . OK campsite. Very busy site and hard to get a pitch where the car and tent could attach. we got one in the end though. Staff were helpful. Very cold at night and the bison come throught he site using the cars as scratching posts and set all the car alarms off at all hours though! $25.50 2* no showers!

Day 12 – Laura’s – Air BnB Helena Montana. Wow to be warm and be clean and cozy. Beautiful home, great host (we were her first) nice room & comfy bed. Piping hot shower. Wonderful $64 5*

Day 13 – St Mary’s – Glacier National Park – Montana. Truly stunning. Hot showers too $23 4*. Bloody freezing at night -2 degrees

Day 14 – Alanna’s – Air BnB, Hayden, Idaho
Lovely house and nice room, shame it was an airbed though. We did have our own bathroom and hot hot shower. House had no atmosphere though probably as it was up for sale – cold $32 3*

Day 15 – Quincy Lakes Campground, Washington State
this was like freedom camping. No facilities at all which is fine by us! $0 3*

Day 16 – Money Creek Campground, Washington State
Pretty but no facilities other than a drop toilet and trains very loud at night $18 2*

Day 17 – Crossland Economy Studios, Puyallup, Washington State
Not impressed by this place south of Seattle. The bed is smaller than a double and they are charging for 2 people to sleep in it. Rip off. We did complain and got a disabled room with a slightly bigger bed. Good shower and we had kitchen facilities in it too which was helpful. $60 3*


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