USA Road Trip part 2

our summary

USA Road Trip part 2 – our summary

Flag of United States  , California
Thursday, October 1, 2015

Picking up from where we left off on our Road Trip, we headed back down through the Canadian Border and into the picturesque Washington State where our road trip truly started again.


We have really loved the USA which has surprised us both.

We have loved that we could see so much of it and have the freedom to go wherever we wanted.

It has been brilliant having Rosie and being able to access so many places off the main roads.

We have felt very safe here too

back in the USA

back in the USA


It truly is one of the most beautiful countries we have been to.

We loved ~  The National Parks especially Yosemite, The Narrows and The Grand Canyon. All just stunning memories for us. The campsites are brilliant. We loved turning right on a red light – how sensible!  The cleanliness. Vegas. That they don’t make you feel guilty for just ordering tap water with a meal! 

We didn’t like ~ we are struggling to come up with anything really

The people ~ We have really enjoyed the people we have met. Everyone has been so kind, helpful and overall – just jolly nice people. We will keep in touch with many of them we hope

Food ~ Still struggling a little bit with that as so much meat and grilled cheese everywhere. But we have to say that the choices for vegetarians and people who don’t want a pound of beef every meal have improved a lot since we were last here 5 years ago




Transport ~ Rosie – she has been an absolute star!

Miles travelled in Rosie ~ Vancouver to Los Angeles –
in Total – 8,500 miles

Things which will remind us of USA ~ big rocks, big cracks, big rivers

Would we recommend it?  Yes definitely. We will be back sometime for sure


Places we stayed and our Star Rating

Day 1 – Campsite in Clatskanie, Oregon On the edge of a football pitch. Clean toilets and a fair shower in the morning. Brightly lit at night though so couldn’t sleep without an eye mask. $5  -3*

Day 2 – Campsite at Grand Ronde, Oregon  Tents have to go in the dog walking bit – thank goodness dog owners pick up here




Very clean toilets and a very hot shower. Brilliant. Other facilities on site too but we didn’t use them. Dark and quiet overall but someone brought a baby with them camping which did not make for a great night’s sleep! $18. – 4*

Day 3 – Penena Campsite, Oregon. This was a very pretty site all built into the trees and tents could pitch in a hidden little dell. No hot water at all though but we had a great campfire. $24 – 3*

Day 4 – KOA Campsite Klagarth Falls, Oregon. This is a good commercial site. We stop at one of these when we need good facilities like laundry & wifi! Good standard and nice plat for tents. lots of insects though. $34 – 4*

Day 5 – Clearlake RV Park
Ssshh! we were never here! $0 0*

Day 6 – Civic Centre Motel, San Francisco
ok but well over priced. They did provide breakfast though. We want proper luxury for this price. $199 plus taxes plus parking. disgraceful! 3*

Days 7 & 8 – Lombard Motel, San Francisco, 
Not worth the money but under the circumstances it is a really nice hotel and the gve away free apples every day

the scenic highway

the scenic highway


$225 plus taxes – 4*

Days 9 & 10 – Jerseydale Campsite, Yosemite, California
We loved it here. So much so we stayed 2 nights. And why not – it was free.Very pretty, great pitches and toilets too. $0 – 3*

Day 11 – Volcanic Table Lands Campsite, Bishop, California
Umm not much here. Not even a stone free bit of flat ground. Great views though. $0 – 0*

Days 12, 13, 14, 15,  – The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada
$50 plus taxes – 10* What more can we say? if they had provided a kettle they might have got 11*

Day 16 – Virgin River Campsite, Nevada
Actually this place wasn’t bad. Great pitches with amazing views and it had toilets too. $0 – 3*

Day 17 – Cold Creek Campsite, Utah
When we first arrived the site was full of rubbish and litter. Then we found an area that was clean and litter free and it was quite a nice spot in the end – right by the creek

watch out for whales

watch out for whales


No toilets $0 – 1*

Day 18 – State Line Campsite, Utah
Pitches were not great here for tents. They only had one spot left and it wasn’t all that flat. Although they provided picnic tables, fire pits and a shelter. Toilets not that nice but ok. Signs said “beware – rattlesnakes”  Amazing view of the lunar eclipse. $0 – 2*

Day 19 – Desert View Campsite, The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
We loved this campsite. Great pitches even though it was the only pitch left when we arrived it was still good. Someone nicked our eggs in the night! $12 – 4*

Day 20 – Riverside Motel, Needles, Mohave desert, California
A great little motel. Quiet and very clean room. Run by a lovely Indian man. $35 – 4*

Day 21 – Crystal Inn Suites, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California
Another nice place. Spacious quiet room with a great shower. And it had a pool and a laundry too. $45 – 4*


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