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Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 12 – Monday 21st September – part 2

We arrived at The Venetian, took some quick snaps of our beautiful room – sorry “suite” –  and then unpacked and totally messed it up! We even brought the camping ice box in. Oh well it was nice when we arrived.

Best of all was the bath. It felt like we hadn’t had a proper soak for ages and it didn’t take us long to fill it and leave a dirty ring around it. Were we really that dirty? Surely not!

We didn’t go far today – just around our own hotel which is beautiful. Everywhere we go is marble and painted ceilings and fountains. The pièce de résistance was the river running through the hotel with gondolas punting up and down – very cheesy but great to watch.

The Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget


Then we turned in for the night to luxuriate in the big comfy bed. Bliss!

Day 13 – Tuesday 22nd September

Vegas gets very hot so we spent the day in the room making use of the wifi to get some work done. Then we booked some show tickets for tomorrow night before heading out.

Then we took the bus from nearby to Fremont street which is where Old Vegas is. It’s where the Rat Pack used to hang out too. The western end of Fremont Street was the picture of Las Vegas that was included in virtually every television show and movie that wanted to display the lights of Las Vegas. The abundance of neon signs, like cowboy Vegas Vic, earned the street the nickname of Glitter Gulch and it’s a must see on anyones trip here.

Elvis has entered the room

Elvis has entered the room


We had seen on the internet quite a while ago that you could take a zip-wire from one end to the other – right over the top of everyones heads and that was definitely on the agenda for us tonight.
After a brief wander around and an all you can eat buffet (not a great idea before zip-wiring) we found the booking office and booked our zoom wire (that’s the highest wire of the 2 options here) for 10pm.

We had a couple of hours to kill and wandered up and down the old strip for a bit and popped into Walgreens the Pharmacy for just a few things. They had big buckets of souvenirs and things you could buy and we were admiring these amazing gold playing cards (sound boring but they are beautiful – they really are). A Canadian couple had stopped to look and admire too and we got chatting as we do.

Over half an hour we spent chatting to Diane and Wally, they were great. We always seem to meet really interesting people. Wonder if these really interesting people ever say the same about us. Um?

So off we went back down Fremont Street and you do see some sights; Elvis (of course), big girls scantily clad charging a few $$ to snuggle into their boobs, naked fat men charging people money to put his clothes ON! – if he doesn’t get enough he wobbles about in front of you! Then the endless procession of living statues and girls in feathers a la Las Vegas style. What a mish mash!

Then it was time to head to the Fremont Experience and our Zoom Wire.

Zip wire

Zip wire


We got harnessed up in a body harness and when we reached the point to get hooked up to the lines, we had to lie face down on these big beds whilst the chaps attached the back of our body harnesses to the Zip lines.

Then the air beds deflated to the floor and we were left dangling there. The doors opened and we were off!

Over the heads of all the people and weirdos below us. Above the lights and music we sailed. We flew over the shops and stalls and buskers below. It was amazing. Everyone below was looking up at us and waving, we were cheering and waving back. It was brilliant fun.

Well the wire probably lasted about a minute or so and the time went so quick. It was time to find a bus and head back to our hotel. As we walked back though, the roof of Fremont Street became a giant screen and we were treated to a Bon Jovi concert. How’s that for random!

But Wow! What a great buzz to end the night on!

You can see our video of the zip line here

Day 14 – Wednesday 23rd September

Again the day is too hot to wander around in, so another day of internet catchup. Bryan thought it was Christmas!

We didn’t have a kettle or coffee maker in the room so we asked if they had one we could use. Oh yes of course they said. That will be $5 please. What? Cheeky buggers. So Bryan went and got the camping stove and the kettle from Rosie and we made our own hot water in the bathroom. A Jody without tea requires desperate measures!

The Bellagio fountain display

The Bellagio fountain display


One of the things Jody really wanted to see was the Bellagio fountain display. She did some research and found out they start at 3pm and are every half an hour or every 15 minutes after 8pm. So after we had collected our show tickets for later, we had another eat all you can buffet at Planet Hollywood (rumoured to be the best – but quite pricey) before making our way to the Bellagio for 8pm.


We had heard that the fountains are synchronised to the music they play (they have 30 tunes they rotate) and it was very impressive and well worth watching.

Here are some other tidbits about the fountains:

The lake takes up 8 and 1/2 acres. If you were to use a standard garden hose, it would take you about a year to fill it up, according to the builders, WET Design. There are over 1,200 sprayers in all, including 16 super jets. These are the ones responsible for those incredible finales, where water explodes off the lake, shooting up to 500 feet in the air. According to the designer, the jets can shoot water up to the level of a 24 story building.

Happy to have seen them and promising we would go back for another showing another time, it was Show Time!

Vegas Girls

Vegas Girls


The Jubilee Show was in The Bally Hotel and we had front row seats. Then Jody noticed on the tickets it said “topless” and groaned. Did we really want to be that close to the front now?

Well we needn’t have worried. It might have been topless but there wasn’t much on show. Probably the only place in plastic America that wasn’t false!

It was a really traditional Vegas type show though, with feathers, huge, amazing costumes, singing, dancing and high kicking. It was cheesy and it was great!

Day 15 – Thursday 24th September

We started the day with another cup of tea made in the shower cubicle – no smoke alarms in there – an another lazy start to the day. We have caught up on a lot of internet stuff now for sure – everything except our blog that is – we haven’t posted a thing since we left Canada!.

Today we had decided to go for a walk through lots of the hotels and end up at the Luxor. So we started off accross the road at Caesar’s Palace. Actually it was very similar to the Venetian inside – very nice. Our walk took in The Bellagio Fountains again (todays music was Ayesha’s Dance – beautiful), New York, New York Hotel, The Excalibur Hotel, The M&M shop (just for Wowsie) and the Hard Rock Hotel.

The Luxor

The Luxor


We finally ended up at the Luxor which right on the outskirts of The Strip away from all the noise. Just a shame it is so far away from everything.

But it was beautiful. We arrived at twilight so the stars were just peeking out and the hotel was lit up. A massive beam of light shooting straight up from the top if the pyramid and the Sphynx sitting there looking menacing. It was fabulous.

And then we went inside.

What a disappointment. Although you still had the pyramid shape, there were only a few token gestures at being Eygptian and it was like a fairly normal hotel. We thought they would have gone a little bit more mad than they did. Maybe they ran out of money. Oh well.

Not being able to face the long walk back, we walked through the MGM Grand and caught the monorail at the back. We got off at Harrah’s and had a quick bite to eat before walking the last half mile back to our room. We were knackered!

We will remember vegas for food, lights, feathers and nipples. Vegas really is Disney for adults!


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