The world's longest mosaic

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Not too much to say about this, except that we love it and it is a real landmark for us – it means that we are not far from the Dentist!

We pass this wall on the bus every time we go to visit Diana at OralCare practice, and it always makes us smile.

Apparently it is one of the longest in the world and it reflects all areas of Peruvian culture and history, flora and fauna, landscapes, seascapes and more. It is amazing to see.

We can’t find much out about it on the internet but here is what we can find,

It is the largest mosaic wall in the whole world.It has been seen in National Geographic, on CNN and in other world wide periodicals and programmes.

The wall is about a mile and a half and It has about a billion tile pieces in it. We don’t think anyone has really counted.


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